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Meet Magsjoy, Your Pet Sitting Angel

Maggie Kalas

Maggie Kalas (with Tiki)

"Maggie, I am finally off to Arizona. Wow, it's been years since I took a vacation! It feels good. I have peace of mind already knowing that you will be spending time with Jasimine and Malimar. Thank you so much!"

~Tracy,  St. James

Lovingly Watching Over Your Pets Since 2013

Let me tell you a little about me. As you might have guessed, I'm an animal lover! For most of my adult life, I've been a guardian for my cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and a few amphibians, reptiles, and fish.

In my professional career, my diverse talents (and my angels) led me to various opportunities in sales and marketing, technology, social media, web design, self-publishing, creative project management, energy healing, angel therapy, soul coaching, and a personal pet care business.

It started back in 2013 when several friends began asking me to help watch their cats and dogs. Suddenly, it seemed animals were coming to me left and right. I was inspired to create my own personalized pet sitting service in my local community of Northport, New York.

Over the years, I have personally cared for hundreds of cats and dogs and led thousands of dog walks. I have established endearing relationships with countless wonderful animals and their loving humans! Now living in Durham, North Carolina, I am offering my services exclusively to my neighbors at Ellis Townes Crossing.

My clients consider their pets as part of their family. From my own experience, I understand why they find it stressful to leave their pets when they are at work or go on vacation. Animal lovers are very sensitive to the needs of their fuzzy family. Leaving them in a kennel or with a neighbor is not an option for many.

That's where I come in. As a pet sitting angel, I lovingly watch over your pets in your own home, personalizing each care visit.

As your Pet Sitting Angel . . .

Your pets will be happy.

You will have peace of mind.

And I will be blessed, too!

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